Thursday, May 15, 2014


Ali G. is the proto-typical 'whigger,' (a white pretending he is an inner-city black gangster
 type): tough and swaggering. He is also a comic creation of Sacha Baron Cohen. The 
comedian mocks society by playing this part to a tee and enjoying the fact that no one is 
brave enough to call him on it. But, one great culturist did: the late American editorialist, 
Andy Rooney.

The heroic culturist moment starts when Ali G asks Rooney, "Does you think the media has changed since you first got in it?" Rooney corrects him, "'Does you think the media has changed?' Do you think the media has changed?" Rooney confronts this Ebonics bastardization of our language head-on, insisting on adherence to basic rules of English grammar.
When Ali G. attributes the linguistic error to a difference between the British and American vernacular, Rooney snidely refutes his attempt at relativism saying, "The English language is very clear. I have fifty books on the English language if you'd like to borrow one." Rather than pander or ignore Ali G's destruction of language, Rooney refutes and rejects it, saying, "I can't waste my time."
This may seem like a small act of defiance. But, in fact, it conforms well to the 'broken windows' technique that drastically reduced crime in New York City. That is, by not allowing small crimes to go unpunished, by locking people up for small infractions, you dissuade people from even contemplating undertaking larger crimes. Every time we fail to confront whigger gangsters' small improprieties, we enable the downfall of western civilization.
Proving the aged American culturist was over the target when he confronted Ali G., the comic accused Rooney of "racialism." We all know that any assertion of linguistic or behavior standards is met with this defiant, but empty, accusation. Having none of it, Rooney informed him that the word is "racist;" and promptly left. This confrontation revealed Ali G. as the foolish, overgrown infant that he is – small and pouty.
Liberalism's cowardly failure to judge a person for poor English, being degenerate, or even criminality, emboldens anti-social behavior. Our governments need to stop supporting people who have babies with no means of paying for them; our schools must fail those who can only write in Ebonics. We must affirm that we have a language with standards and that culture matters.
But, before our institutions will take up the torch – as uncomfortable as it is – culturists must individually emulate Rooney's confrontation of Ali G. If a person has ghetto English, confront them on it. Otherwise, you must know that Baron Cohen's joke is on you.

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