Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Culturist Challenge to Black Men

I am struck by a paradox: 

In the National Basketball Association (NBA) we laud the competitive grit of black players.  Seven points down with two minutes left?  Blacks don’t give up!  Down 3 to 1 in the series?  Believe! FIGHT!  You can do it!!!

The paradox comes from comparing the Blacks’ never-say-die fighting attitude in the NBA to their constant victimization in social depictions.  High crime rates?  Blacks are victims of poverty.  Poor school performance?   Blacks are victims of hidden racism.  Just hints of name-calling, apparently, causes black men to fold off the court. 

To illustrate the paradox, in 1950, Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton became the first black person to sign an NBA contract.  You never hear black people say, “We cannot compete in basketball because we were kept out of the NBA until 1949.”  But, we hear, “We can’t compete because we were kept out of white schools until the early 1960s,” all the time. 

Instead of toughness, on and off the court we get constant cry-baby reactions from blacks. “Waaaa!” They cry, “He used the N-Word!  Waaaa!   And we reply, “Oh. We feel your terrible pain widdle one. Do you want the government to punish the bad man who hurt your widdle feelings?  Can you stop crying now?  Is the ouchy better?”

Instead our reaction should be, “Shut the F up and grow a pair!!!! As on the court, don’t dwell on the unfair call from the last play. Stop crying get back to competing!!!! MAN UP!!!  And, while we’re on the subject blacks commit insane amounts of crime, parent irresponsibly, suck at school, and rely on the government to feed them way.  

The whining reply to the prior statements, “Mommy he was waaaaycist.” It is a sad little trick.  The above facts are not racist, they are culturist.  They’re not statements about your genes; they refer to how much of your culture sucks off the court.  These are not irrational bad calls, they are totally accurate depictions in the weakness of your off-court game.

So man-up black man! The Asians are dunking on you in the game of life. Hell, even the Latinos are stealing your balls! Don’t cry because I mentioned it.  Drink some testosterone, put on your big boy pants and start playing off the court with as much grit as you do on it.

John Kenneth Press, Ph.D.

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