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Culturist Policy Article # 5 - Culturist Profiling

Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The philosophy, art, and science that values, promotes and protects majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the arts or sciences of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.

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What we call ‘racial profiling’ is usually ‘culturist profiling.’  The word ‘racist’ prevents us from implement policies that could literally save our lives.  Racism is problematic.  But statistics show cultural diversity is real.  To safeguard ourselves, we must implement ‘culturist profiling policies.’

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Culturist profiling the airport:
Nothing better illustrates the disaster of confusing racial and culturist profiling than airport security.  To avoid ‘racism,’ we thoroughly screen all people boarding airplanes and randomly choose whom to give extra scrutiny.  This lengthens our lines and endangers our lives.

Racism is a very poor indicator of terrorist tendencies.  Mexicans and Middle Easterners are both brown.  I am only aware of one Latino terrorist, Edwin Padilla.  And, he did not terrorize in the name of Brown people; He did so in the name of Islam.  Skin tone, again, is a poor predictor of terrorist tendencies.

Being Muslim, male, named Muhammad and traveling back and forth from a Muslim nation are excellent predictors of a terrorism risk. There have been over 25,000 terrorist acts carried out by Muslims since 9/11. People that fit this culturist profile must have extra scrutiny every time they fly.  This is not irrational racism, it is rational culturism.

Ironically, multiculturalists would literally rather you die in a fiery terrorist act than admit that cultural diversity is real.  They consider all assertions that cultural diversity exists the height of irrationality and pure racism.  We cannot be cowed.  Rational culturist profiling at airports is a matter of life and death.

Culturist profiling in employment:
Muslims should not be hired as baggage handlers at airports, work in nuclear power plants or hold government positions related to national security.  Why not?  See the discussion above.

Limits to culturist profiling:
Honest Muslims will understand the rationale behind receiving extra scrutiny at airports.  They will understand why their being employed at nuclear power plants poses a threat to their safety and to the Western public at large. Culturism aims to unify our population. Irrational, unreasonable scrutiny will create resentment and alienation.

If a Muslim works in an innocuous place, say a software company, bank or shoe store, if they do not attend services at a radical mosque, their privacy should be respected.  Such a policy will save our resources and will not generate ill feelings.

Profiling at Mosques:
Mosques should be monitored for radical teaching, because many Muslim clerics strongly condone terrorism and other anti-western practices. If the speakers are radical, we should consider repatriation proceedings.  Shy of that, members’ continued attendance or financial support merits scrutiny.  People who attend mosques wherein no radical doctrines are preached, should not be scrutinized.

Culturist profiling of blacks:
Racial profiling got its bad name from the profiling of black Americans. But the police are, largely, not racists, they are culturists.   They know that many black Americans embrace the criminal ‘thug life’ culture. As such, they commit a disproportionate amount of the crime in America.  Disproportionate stopping of blacks, is not proof of irrational racism in America, it is proof that cultural diversity exists.

Culturism is scientific.  If at some future date, the black crime rate drops to that of Asians or whites, profiling of black youth should stop.  If Muslims stop committing acts of terrorism for 5 – 10 years, they should no longer be profiled at airports.  And, if there is a rash of elder Asian women committing crimes, they should be profiled.   Culturist profiling should be based on statistics, not stereotypes. 

The term ‘racial profiling’ creates resentment and compromises our safety.  In case above, it compromises black peoples’ safety more than anyone else.  Whereas the term ‘racial profiling’ creates resentment in blacks and shame in the majority white culture; the term ‘culturist profiling’ should give the black community pause to evaluate their cultural practices. 

Action plan:
When we call disproportionate arrests of black people ‘racist,’ when we call extra scrutiny of Muslims at airports ‘racist,’ we deny that cultural diversity is real. Worse yet, we put our lives at risk.  All sane people, (even multiculturalists), shown statistics, can admit that cultural diversity is real.  Our security policies must take such diversity into account.

The first step in getting such sane culturist policies in place is to change our language.  We should not speak of ‘racial profiling,’ we must speak of ‘culturist profiling.’  We are not talking about irrational racism, we are advocating statistic-based rational culturism.

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