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Culturist Policy Article # 6 - Culturist Education Policy

Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The philosophy, art, and science that values, promotes and protects majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the arts or sciences of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.

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Culturist Education Defined
Culturist education is traditional education.  It tells students that the West is the best.  As such, it aims to unify the West via instilling pride.  

Multicultural education teaches an anti-western narrative. As such it seeks to instill anger at the West and foments division.

Multiculturalism and ‘Social Justice’
Multiculturalism is worse than it sounds.  It does not only seek to celebrate cultures.  It includes a nefarious Marxist ‘social justice’ agenda. 

The term “social justice” implies that an injustice has occurred against social groups.  In short, multiculturalism promotes the idea that whites and the West been unjust to ‘people of color.’

Multiculturalism thereby pushes an entire anti-Western narrative wherein it is noble to resent and struggle against western nations.    

Culturist Achievement Gaps
When multiculturalists see educational and economic achievement gaps, they immediately announce that it proves western nations are racist.  They use it to further their anti-western narrative.

Culturists take cultural diversity seriously.  Culturists know that achievement gaps show that some cultures value education more than others.  Rather than showing that the West is racist, achievement gaps show that cultural diversity is real.

Culturist educators would ask ethnic groups to use their shortcomings to reflect on the cost of their values and behaviors.

Multiculturalism and Cultural Relativity
Multiculturalism is subtly destructive by announcing that all cultures are equally worthy of praise. Its celebrating all cultures implies that western culture has no particular merit. 

Via Socrates and Jesus, the West invented valuing the individual.  This history allowed the West to invent democracy and free inquiry.  Western culture’s resulting social structures and technology have built the entire modern world.

Mexico has invented nothing. Islam suppresses free speech.  Multiculturalisms’ refusal to make cultural judgment undermines pride in the West.

Culturism and History
Shakespeare is a British historical hero.  Christianity is the West’s traditional majority religion. Opera is a traditional western art form.  We have our own legal tradition based on western values.  Islam is the West’s traditional enemy. 

History upholds the culturist supposition that the West and its constituent nations have traditional majority cultures.  Multiculturalists assertion that the West has always been made up of random international cultures can only be upheld by falsifying history.

Culturism, Education and Morals
Culturist education provides students the goal of perpetuating the western world and western nations.  As such, culturist education provides a moral system.  If you fail in school, you are letting down our heroic western ancestors as well as future generations.

When educators stress education’s impact on individual students’ employment future, they imply that studying only impacts their lives.  This leaves students disconnected and with scant moral guidance.  Perpetuating the nation our heroes bequeathed to us is a duty.

Culturist Education and Assimilation
When multiculturalists have us celebrate ‘Filipino Pride’ week (and such), they permanently divide us.  Thus they deny the possibility of assimilation. As such, multiculturalists are racists. 

The inherent dangers of racist division are the reason that no non-western region of the world works towards diversity or has adopted multicultural education.

Public Culturist Education
Education does not stop at the schoolhouse gate. Culturist education includes public events wherein the west and its holidays are celebrated.  It includes having national flags flown high and anthems sung at public events. 

For the reasons mentioned above, our governments should neither recognize Muslim holidays nor fund festivals celebrating non-western cultures.

Stopping Islamic immigration will also teach the public that the West has a culture, it is endangered, and that we have a duty to act in ways that support its survival.

Culturist Education and Psychology
Humans are social animals; It feels good to belong. When we teach that the West is great, students will feel group pride. When we fail to provide group pride, gangs and foreign religions fill the void.

Multiculturalists seek to instill pride by having students strike a blow against the West in the name of ‘social justice.’  This multicultural narrative, when combined with the natural need for group pride, facilitates ISIS’s recruitment in the West. 

Group pride happens naturally; Public schools are modern societies’ way of guiding this process.  Like all other civilizations, if the West is to survive, we need our schools to be culturist.

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