Monday, January 7, 2008

Culturist Thought of the Day - Romney, Obama and Multiculturalism

It would be extremely rich for culturists if Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama were the nominees of their respective parties. Romney is, of course, a Mormon. Obama has many ties to Islam.

Normally, assuming America has any culturist sensibility at all, Obama's ties to Islam would disqualify him from the presidency of the United States. He went to a madrassa as a child, his father and stepfather were Muslim. Obama visited Kenya, the country of his youth where his muslim stepmother still lives - and supported the Muslim leader in their now bloody conflict, Raila Odinga. But media's blackout is based on its buy-in with multiculturalism. To multiculturalists all cultures are interchagable and equally worthy of celebration.

Romney's Mormon religious roots are problematic too. Many Mormons still believe in Polygamy. Culturism, the book, explains why accepting this on an individualist level makes sense, but culturist reasoning rejects it. What happens when pimps start to marry their whores? When bad men collect women? Mormon's have, in Romney's life, been outwardly racist. Culturists know that even when you are clearly talking about cultural issues you are likely to be smeared as a racist.
Nothing gets you exiled from reasonable discussions faster.

If these two get their party's nominatios we'll get to look at two very unseemly, (Western standards) cultures closely. If multiculturalists qualify their celebration of diversity, they are actually culturists. Either they would have to say they love polygamy and racism, Jihad and honor killings or ignore these examples of diversity. That is what they normally do and strive to do. But the temptation for Romney to use the Islam card and disqualify Obama would be huge. Obama's temptation to uncover the unseemly side of Mormonism would be equally large. If either exposed the other, multiculturalist's unqualified love of diversity would take a hit. Culturist issues would be raised and perhaps our culture would realize that Western values are unique and not to be taken for granted.
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