Monday, January 14, 2008

Western Civilization and Your Rights are Under Attack!!!!

Recently there have been a rash of attacks on the uniquely Western institutions of free speech and the separation of church and state. To inquire about the attacks on Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, click the title of this blog. To learn of those against the Englishman named Lionheart go to

Ezra Levant has republished the Danish cartoons which caused riots and protest all over the Muslim world in Canada and is being prosecuted for it. While we are supposed to understand and tolerate Muslim culture, they do not try to do so for ours. Free speech is an essential part of Western culture that does not exist in Islamic nations. They should appreciate and tolerate it. The extreme shame of it is that it is a Canadian governmental body that is prosecuting Levant for exercising his free speech. The government complaint form allowed the plaintif to check a complaint of religious discrimination. Essentially the same thing is happening in England, with Lionhart, and America with Marc Steyn (using Canadian laws).

Multiculturalism says there is no main culture in Western nations. There is one; it celebrates separation of church and state and freedom of speech. These are not universal cultural characteristics, they are Western. The complaint against Steyn says it seeks to "protect Canadian multiculturalism and tolerance." But as some cultures do not celebrate free speech and separation of church and state, they are not Western. Some cultures advocate Sharia law and some are cannibals. Canada is not multicultural, it is Western.

Instead of multiculturalism, we must realize we are unique and practice culturism. That means that just as Islamic and Asian cultures protect, promote and privilege their cultures, Western governments should protect, promote and privilege Western cultural traditions. We have a unique tradition to protect or lose. It is not the default of world culture. In Islamic nations their laws can, and do, promote what they want. In Western lands freedom of speech and the separation of church and state must be held sacrosanct. If muslims do not like the promotion and practices of Western culture they are free to leave it.

My previous statement is not racist, it is culturist. In England Lionheart has been jailed on "suspicion of Stirring up Racial Hatred by displaying written material contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986." First of all, they were factually true. But that aside, culture and race are different. Warning about a religion is not racist, it is culturist. Silencing discussion of culture under the guise of stopping racism is misguided, inaccurate and dangerous. Race is not a productive or rational basis of discrimination. Culture is a productive and rational basis of discrimination. This post is not racist, but it is culturist. This post defends some cultural precepts and denounces others. Unlike making racial distinctions, the freedom to make cultural pronouncements is essential to all societies.

Western culture is not universal. That this is not widely know is shown in the name of the commission prosecuting Ezra Levant: "Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission." Individual rights are not "human" or "universal" they are Western. If we do not protect them, as they do not exist elsewhere, rights will disappear.

All Canadians should post Ezra Lavant's offensive articles on their blogs. All Englishmen should post Lionheart's offensive articles. Will they jail all of you? Counter suits for publishing the hate filled Koran is also necessary.
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