Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Gathering Storm Culturist Interview

Yesterday I was on the Gathering Storm Report blogtalk radio program put on by Always On Watch. You can find it via clicking on the title of this blog. It was a great show as their extended format really allows deep exploraton of ideas. The format allows you to go deeper into ideas than the typical 15 minute slot allows. But still, there was one line of reasoning in which I don't think I responded to the host, W.C., well enough.

At the top of the show, W.C., Always (the co-host) and I discussed my biggest disagreement with almost everyone else who writes about Islam; I do not spend any time vilifying other cultures in other countries. I do not support Islamic Fascism Awareness Week. I do not decry what muslims do in muslim countries.

People that decry other nations for not being like us utilize the same globalist thinking that the open borders crowd does. It holds that all can come here because everyone in the world basically agrees that being an American is the future or shortly will agree. I don't think that China agrees that democracy is good or that Islamic nations agree that the separation of church and state is good. As pockets of no-go areas in France testify, people who immigrate to the West do not naturally assume our ideals or assimilate. Diversity exists. Challenging Islamic countries to hold up Western ideals is like asking a pig to walk on two feet.

This globalist thinking also justifies our forays into other nations. Our trying to turn Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan into progressive democracies is based on the idea that all people basically agree in our human rights, democratic, individual conscience fostering, vision. But as soon as democracy came to Palistine they voted in Hamas. The popular vote does not automatically lead to Enlightenment-based policies. Democracies result in such only when the people in the countries in question believe in them. Diversity exists, our nation is special.

W.C. put me in the most difficult spot of the night when he asked me what should be done about Islamic expansion. My first response was to find a point of agreement. All who worry about such things recognize that we should stop muslim immigration to Western nations immediately. What I did not mention is that culturism does not respect nation's rights to have nuclear weapons. It is totally Kosher, from a culturist perspective, to go in and bomb Iran's nuclear facilities; to kill Osama for attacking us; to invade and dismantle Pakistan's nukes. What is not legitimate is to then occupy the country and try to reprogram its culture to where it can support a democracy. This denies the existence of diversity or the importance of culture. It, again, is the same thinking that justifies open borders. It assumes there is no diversity and it is like trying to get a lion to be kind to zebras.

Ah, but I still had not answered W.C.'s great and challenging question. What to do about Islamic expansionism. The strategic practicality answer is the one I should have emphasized. Is it affordable or practical get militarily involved in country after country where the Western notion of rights is being violated? We might get into enforcing other's borders, but we often do so to stave off one Islamic foe from another. We then end up sending money to support an Islamic nation. Why on earth do we send money to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine? Are these our friends? NO!!! At best they might vote for a couple of years, then they revert to being our enemies. We should protect and back Western nations only. If we want Western values to survive, to remain a possible light upon a hill for others, our money is best spent protecting Western borders and economies.

That is my best answer to the most challenging question I was asked. It went to the very heart of my disagreement with others who write on this issue. I'd utilize any means to protect us, whatever is practical. I just think that we get better bang for our buck defining, protecting and promoting our culture domestically - being culturist - than spending our money in and on Islamic nations in the hope of turning them into Western ones.

Thanks to WC. and Always for having me on The Gathering Storm Report.
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