Sunday, November 14, 2010

Culturist Handout


Culturism (cŭl-ch́әr-ĭź-әm) n. 1. The philosophy, art and science that values, manages and protects majority cultures. 2. A philosophy which holds that defining, protecting and promoting majority cultures should be legitimate policy considerations. 3. The study of culturism.

Culturist (cŭl-ch́әr-ĭst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism.   2. One who engages in the art or science of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy. - adj.

Culturist Policy Implications:

1) Choosing immigrants on a cultural basis.
2) Culturist profiling of airline passengers. 
3) Having disparities in achievement point to cultural patterns and responsibility, not our society’s racism and the need for redistributive social justice. 
4) Using the horrid marriage pattern changes to reinsert cultural considerations into policy.
5) Knowing we are not a culturally neutral nation, stopping the funding of Pakistan and Palestine, as well as keeping Turkey out of the EU. 
6) Allowing American to address the specter of Islamic terrorism by name.
7) The words culturism and culturist can challenge the multiculturalists’ claim that our nation has no traditional identity, denounce Sharia and other foreign practices.
8) In challenging multiculturalism you can argue for a western-centric curriculum and assimilation.
9) American culturism provides a basis for pro-social values.
10) Open up national dialogue by doing all of the above while not being constantly accused of talking about race!!!

Table of Contents and Highlights

                  - Definition, relativism, individualism, and globalism
- Puritan thought, Manifest Destiny, the 1924 Immigration Act, Japanese Relocation.
- Cultures begin with stories, have impact, compete, and exist on land and in minds.
                  - Noble savage debunked, war statistics, headhunters, environmentalism
                  - Western heroes, continuity of values from Plato to Jesus to Freud, culture wars
                  - Amoebas, borders and our brains being designed to absorb culture
                  - Culture’s have thoughts, Gangs, the joy of rooting for teams
                  - Plato and Aristotle’s philosophy was political, the Enlightenment and abstract rights
                  - Comparing the pros, cons, and risks of both
- Repeal dual citizenship, prevent remittances, back the FCC, bring meaning back to naturalization processes, the list above, and more!
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