Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The TSA, Multiculturalism, and Thanksgiving

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has created long lines using controversial body scanners to protect us from Islamic terrorism.  But multiculturalists have so cowed us that we will not mention Islam.  If we ever wish to have a pleasant and safe Thanksgiving again, we must replace multiculturalism with culturism.

If you point out that cultural diversity is real, multiculturalists always call you racist.    We do not have culturist profiling in airports because they will call us racist. The key to disarming them lays in noticing how multiculturalists tyrannize us by leaping from discussions of cultural diversity to cries of racism.

If you want security, rights, and short lines you need only scan people with Arabic sounding names who have ties to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, or Afghanistan.  Period. 

Instead, we go to great lengths to demonstrate our blindness to the import of culture by patting down Mom from Minnesota, Vinnie from Brooklyn, three year old children and nuns to show the multiculturalists we are not racist.

But the propensity to terrorism does not stem from genes or skin color; it has nothing to do with race.  Islamic terrorism comes from the tenet of Jihad within the Koran.  Whereas Jesus overtly detested any violence, Muhammad led over 60 military campaigns. 

Multiculturalists and Muslims, of course, denounce the assertion that all religions are not the same as racist phobia.  They express outrage at all who would suggest that cultural diversity is real. 

So to show we take no notice of culture, we risk our lives.  After all, proving that we do not believe cultural differences exist ultimately requires letting many young Pakistani males through customs unchecked.

If Muslims in America were truthful, they would admit that their religion has produced all of the thousands of terrorists attacks in the world since 9 -11.  To show appreciation for their recent immigration here they would submit to the inconvenience of extra security checks.  This would endear them to all Americans.

But, as with so many in western societies, Muslims use rights to protect anti-social behavior.  All attempts at using cultural information incur aggressive lawsuits over racism from the Council on American - Islamic Relations.  As a result, the Muslim presence in America means that all us Americans must have our rights greatly abridged.  As a result, their freedom reduces ours.

Fear of multiculturalists calling us racist not only endangers us physically, it cows our spirit by making us accept that terrorists will forever bully us and dictate our rights on Thanksgiving.  By distinguishing rational culturist profiling from irrational racial profiling, we can disarm the multicultural logic the terrorists use against us wwand salvage the freedoms for which we give thanks. 

John K. Press, Ph.D is the President of the culturist Brooklyn Tea Party.  He is also the author of the book Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  www.culturism.us has more information.


Lexcen said...

As I pointed out in my latest blog post, it seems that Muslim privacy is more sacred than non-Muslim privacy. Hence we get mom and dad Citizen being frisked and scanned while Mo and Fatima are exempt.

Culturist John said...


You are great. I dropped by your site and read the other day, but had no time to comment! How crazy is that??

Thanks for continuing to post and comment!

Yer friend, John

Anonymous said...

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